May 15th, 2008

welcome mat

Welcome, reader. Zenfulness is now live and launched, and so starts the beginning of my latest blogging adventure.

The first question I imagine most people having would be “what exactly is Zenfulness?” That’s a good question, and one for which I don’t have a definitive answer. The name itself is a wordplay combining Zen and mindfulness. Though Zen (or Ch’an, 禪) has special significance in my life, I don’t claim to be any great expert in it. I find the guiding principles of Zen (mindfulness, experience of the present moment, and non-attachment) provide a useful framework for approaching many subjects.

Zen concepts are particularly apt for exploring the mind. Since Zen (and Buddhism in general) are often associated with studies and training of the mind, this is not surprising. But our minds are inextricably linked to our physical bodies and the experiences of our daily lives. Given that fact, I’ll begin this blog by focusing posts on understanding and developing the mind, maintaining a fit and healthy body, and bringing a touch of Zen perspective. That focus should provide a good launching point for establishing a working definition of Zenfulness. Hopefully, some of my posts will spur your thoughts and inspire you to come up with your own Zenfulness defintion.

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