Zenfulness came out of a New Year’s project to start using blogging as an online sounding board and notepad for my thoughts. During my initial blogging experiment, I found that I enjoyed writing since it gave me creative outlet which I otherwise might not have. Not only that, but having to write semi-consistently helped me focus my mind and pay more attention to the world around me and life’s unfolding events.

My intent is for Zenfulness to focus on a discussion of three main topics which are near and dear to me: (1) Exploring the mind, (2) Building a fit and healthy body, and (3) Trying to incorporate bits of Zen (or Ch’an, 禪) into daily life. I make no claim to being a great expert in any of those topics, but I do hope to share some of my thoughts and insights.

Johnny Kuo

I’m currently a software engineer, formerly medical imaging researcher, and was originally educated as biologist and then a biomedical engineer. Among other things, I’m also a pretty avid health and fitness nut, a vegetarian, believer in eco and socially conscious causes, curious observer and tinkerer, and a dedicated I-Liq Chuan martial arts instructor and student.


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